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Solar Solutions Include Sun Flowers
One of the wonders of recent technology is that solar solutions include sunflowers for positioning solar panels to gather the most sun during the day. Researchers have found a way that is more economical and efficient when positioning the panels eliminating all kinds of hardware to make the panels follow the sun.  Ways to save money on solar power is most helpful to all. As more and more research [...]
Solar Energy Facts Include Green Home Project
Solar Energy Facts Include Green Home Project on the west coast of Florida. A new housing project with the ear markings of taking full advantage of what the sun has to offer has broken ground. This group of homes being built will cost under $200,000 to purchase but offer years of power plant free electricity.  If you are not building a home from scratch maybe you need some information for solar [...]
Convert House to Solar Power One Room at a Time
Solar Power One Room at a Time Not able to convert your house to solar power because of a small amount of spare money, start with a single space. Small solar power kits are available that will offer you enough power for one room in your house, and it costs much less than a converting a whole house. This will provide you with solar power yet staying within your means.  if you would like to start [...]
Solar Solutions New Solar Panel for Windows
  A new breakthrough in Solar Solutions New Solar Panel for Windows has been announced at UCLA.  This is a wonderful inovation as now you will be able to look out your window while it is developing power for your home or business.  No doubt that in time the panels will get smaller so that a window full of these panels will be able to supply power to a whole house. In the video below [...]
Solar Power Batteries Offer Solar Solutions
There is a test going on to determine if Solar Power Batteries Offer Solar Solutions and it is being conducted in Sacremento, California. What they are testing is the ability of batteries to supplement power during peak times so the cost and the power drain can be kept down. The test is using two different sets of batteries. One goes into a homes garage and the other is in a modular of four. The batteries [...]
Solar Solutions are Smart Solutions for Communities
A recent finding is that solar solutions are smart solutions for communities. Solar power is becoming very popular as a long term money saving answer much like investing in the stock market. Initially there is a high cost, certainly not out of reach for a homeowner. The dividends become payable over time by virtually eliminating energy costs which are continually on the rise. As you can see by the [...]
Solar Solutions for Emergency Housing
Finally a real plan that includes solar solutions for emergency housing that is not dependent on power companies or even water for that mater. A company has developed a house that can be put in place after a natural or manmade disaster where electricity and water are not readily available. Someone figured out that you could build a house in such a manner with roof slants and other elements that has [...]
Solar Power Kits
If you're looking to use solar power but you do not want to start from scratch then choosing solar power kits might be the best choice for you. A kit to get started might be in the 62 100 W range. One thing to remember when you're looking at solar power kits is the number of appliances or items that you wish to power. For instance it might take 10 W to operate your toaster. Then you might [...]
Domestic Solar Panels
Domestic Solar Panels The way solar power works for the  is by collecting sunlight and making it into usable energy in the form of electricity by collecting the sunlight through the use of  domestic solar panels. Using photovoltaic platforms or cells capture the energy found in sunlight. These cells known as solar cells are formed into an array. These photovoltaic cells are made up of negative [...]
Advantages of Solar Energy Cars
There are many advantages of solar energy cars which at first thought might go to fuel.  After all it is not a secret that our fossil fuels are running out.  The problem is twofold, as we run out of an oil supplies, the price goes up due to demand.  So this is where the advantages of solar energy cars begin to shine. Naturally this is not all, the pollutants that are spit out from our [...]
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